Information of the progress of the shipments

Information of the progress of the shipments

Information of the progress of the shipments

Our company JP Spedition & Transport has from 1.9.2016 prepared for you – the customers – sophisticated innovation in tracking your shipments.

The whole system was developed based on years of experience to simplify work processes and to gain time savings when solving your other job responsibilities. 

  • Immediate identification of order (shipment). Easy identification using order number, number plate etc.
  • Tracking order via GPS
  • Immediate evaluation of order status (destination to the destination, arrival to destination, driving time to destination). This system of vehicle tracking is based on the latest map data designed for truck transport, including the current traffic situation on the roads. This way you get immediate information about the approximate time of arrival to the destination.
  • Entry and exit of transit points by SMS and email (you are always automatically informed by SMS and e-mail about the vehicle’s location using previously set up passing points) You don’t have to constantly keep checking the vehicle via GPS but you can take care of other work tasks in comfort.
  • Photographic documentation is available immediately with the order (immediately after offloading you can obtain copy of confirmed waybills, CMR, etc.
  • Option of instant invoicing based on photographic documentation (you have the option to close off the whole transport process within few minutes)
  • Immediate photographic documentation in case of a claim by recipient and fast on-line solution with the vendor and our insurance company
  • For more information we have prepared a slideshow


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