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In JP Spedition we do things differently

You, our customer, are most important for us. Your satisfaction matters to us. In order for you to be satisfied, it is important that our employee who is looking after you is also happy. In transport it is the driver, dispatcher, technician and mechanic. All these people are looking after you and influence your satisfaction. All these people are very important to our company and we want them to be the best in their field.

Therefore they are all regularly educated and trained. They understand the meaning of teamwork and everyone is always willing to help a colleague both personally as well as professionally. Each colleague is being selected on the basis of a 2-6-hour procedure thanks to which we know exactly whether this employee is worthy of working with us for you. 

Jan Pavlíček

Jan Pavlíček

Managing director

In JP Spedition we do things differently

  • Continuous support

    Our dispatchers, drivers, service technicians, assistance service from Kooperativa insurance or from our trucks suppliers create a perfectly coordinated team. Through years of experience and mutual trust these people all know perfectly well how to provide service for you – the customers, so the goods are always safely delivered to their destination. You are always informed about everything on-line and you have a perfect overview of the process of your consignment.

    In our company we make high effort to ensure continued support to our customers. Any problem, question or request is solved immediately at any time of day or night. Because of high quality of our services we don’t keep fixed working hours or any other constraints.

    ‘’Whenever you are just toying with an idea, do not hesitate – we are here for you and we will gladly fulfil your wishes.’’

  • 100% goods insurance

    Part of our top quality service also includes complete and high-quality insurance with a reputable foreign insurance company which covers all damages to transported goods up to 100%. If there is damage to the goods in transit, or just a mere hint of possible damage we immediately inform the customer with detailed information, photographs and exact steps of how to solve the given situation.

    ‘’With us, even this unpleasant event, which does happen in transport, is always resolved quickly and accurately in accordance with clear rules.’’

  • Information of progress of the shipments

    Since 1st September 2016 our company JP Spedition & Transport has been operating for you – the customers – a sophisticated innovation in tracking your shipments.

    The whole system was developed on the basis of years of experience to simplify work processes and to save you time for your other responsibilities.

    This system of vehicle tracking is based on the latest map data designed for truck transport, including the current traffic situation on the roads. This way you get immediate information about the approximate time of arrival to the destination, entry and exit of transit points by SMS and email (you are always automatically informed of the situation).

  • The professional team of drivers and dispatchers

    We place high demands on ourselves. Employees are regularly acquainted with the management of the company and instructed about the consequences of their work. We lead all employees toward the understanding of the whole chain from getting a customer to implementation.

    Drivers act as partners for our customers and are able to assess the potential savings for our customers on loadings and off loadings. This information is forwarded to the company management which forwards the information to the customer’s management. The drivers are aware of possible time and financial savings thanks to the trainings and a large volume of orders they deal with.

    Employees – drivers – have our full faith and we know that they are doing the best job for you – the customers. An interview for the driver´s position takes 4-6 hours and for the dispatcher´s position 2-3 hours. Thanks to this we know exactly if this employee is worthy of working with us for you.

  • Don’t worry about the price, ask for the maximum service and quality for your money

    Everyone burns his fingers in life, should it be when choosing a decorator, builder or another tradesman. We always expect the best job from these professionals but at the same time we also want to save money. You know that the best ones only come with references and they cost more. But if you do the math at the end of the day, you will find out that the better ones are actually cheaper because the time and poor work cost you more than professionals. This is why in our company we employ only the best professionals who do the best job. They are people who we patiently pick from our ranks in order to prove the necessary skills and desire to constantly improve and bring you – the customers - the best care.

    Anyone can become our customer who expects a high quality, professionalism, friendly and fast transactions, humanity and honesty and who likes to be well informed.


Phone: +420 737 246 660

E-mail: jan.pavlicek@jpspedition.cz


JP Spedition & Transport

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