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  • Jan Pavlíček

    Jan Pavlíček

    Managing director

    "I have often faced crossroads, not knowing if I should go left or right and I think I have finally earned the most, when I decided for the direction that from the beginning only seemed beneficial to other people. THE DIRECTION, which from the beginning promised benefit only to me and damage to the public, eventually, brought harm to both."

    Tomáš Baťa

  • Jan Kočka

    Jan Kočka

    Transportation dispatcher

    My motto is: "Do everything with full steam from the very beginning and results will always follow."

  • Filip Kočka

    Filip Kočka

    The fleet manager/engineer

    ‘’My main goal is to keep the vehicles in perfect condition and thus ensure maximum satisfaction of customers and drivers. I do not take the job as an obligation but as a hobby and a place I always like  coming back to.’’

  • Lenka Šťastná

    Lenka Šťastná

    Claims Adjuster

    "Anyone can ever make  mistakes. I’m here to help you to solve them."


Phone: +420 737 246 660

E-mail: jan.pavlicek@jpspedition.cz


JP Spedition & Transport

Vodárenská 732

278 01, Kralupy nad Vltavou

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